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Thank you's.

Below are some heartfelt thank you's for all our volunteers from some of the people we've been able to reunite with the fur babies.

Hannah D

I honestly can’t thank this group enough! Dave has been missing just gone 2 months and he is now reunited with his family. As you can all imagine it’s very emotional. He is a massive part of our family and it’s now back together.

Thank you again.

Lisa Q

Thank you so much Sarah Jane Bonnett for bringing our cat, Chuddley, back to us. We really appreciate that you took the time to reunite him with us so we could properly say goodbye. He will be greatly missed by the whole family.

Richelle H

Just had this amazing message via inbox for one of the admin..... I haven't used my Facebook account for years, however, I've been desperate to thank Sarah Jane Bonnett so much for bringing our cat Cybil home to us after she was run over in July. We are eternally grateful she did this for us- it enabled us to say goodbye to her properly. We have some happy news now- we adopted Ernie from Iris's cats last week and he's adorable . Thank you so much, once again! Much love.

Jackie K

Can i just say a big HUGE thank you to Heléna Abrahams for all your help this morning, we didnt no what to do or where to go, she was there for us!!! our fur baby was in a RTA this morning right out side my house Lucky enough he was put off the road. (he's 2 now this is a old pic but I absolutely love it) THANK YOU AGAIN.

Marshall T

Just wanted to thank Helene who came out last night to scan and reunite a sadly deceased cat on Garstang Ave. If it was not for her the people into whose garden he had crawled and died would have thrown him in the black bin and his family would.never had known what had happened to him. Thank you Helene it broke my heart but at least he is back home. Xx

Jenni S

We lost our handsome boy 2.5 years ago....we were totally heart broken thinking he had been killed or gone for good. Then last week I had a call from a member of this group saying he had been found. I couldn't believe it our boy was still alive. We will be forever grateful too Sarah for scanning him to find his home. Sooty is now back home where he belongs and settling back in well. Thank you to all who have looked after our boy.

Ashleigh R

I just want to thank Gizmos Legacy and the amazing team for bringing Poppy home to us... it was strange she didn’t come home for breakfast this morning after being out all night, she is always waiting at the door for me at 630am, I knew somethings wasn’t right. Sadly poppy has been in an RTA and was found a few doors down deceased - to say we are heartbroken is an understatement she was our bubbly baby but if it wasn’t for these amazing volunteers we may have never got to say goodbye.  Run free my baby

Jamie C

Today I buried my baby Ace, and he really was Ace. We have missed him every minute since he has been gone. I want to personally thank Sarah Jane Bonnett for all her help with my baby, she has been absolutely amazing and has gone above and beyond. It was thanks to Sarah that I knew where my boy had been taken and she has helped me every step of the way after. She even got some of his fur that I can keep with my always in my car. I also want to say thank you to my friend Joan, for having Ace buried in her garden, she is also part of his family as her cat kitty was my baby’s nan.

Danielle P

I would just like to thank Heléna Abrahams tonight our family sadly lost our 19 year old old man he had been poorly with old age and tonight grown his angel wings and went over rainbow bridge however even no I new it would of happened soon I wasn’t ready for it at all this lovely lady messaged me after seeing me post asking for help on what I needed to do and within 10 mins had arranged to pick lefty up and sort out his cremation for me complete angel she is not only has she arranged everything she drove from bury to Marple at gone 10 at night just so my autistic little girl didn’t have to see as she wouldn’t of been able to accept what had happened I will be forever greatful to this lovely lady and gizmos legacy for making me feel like lefty will be looked after well in there care till he is back with me.

Carl H

I just want to say a massive thankyou you to Heléna Abrahams

and her team, without them me and Jess would not of found our baby luna. Although she unfortunately did not survive her accident but we are now able to find some comfort in bringing her home where she belongs.

R.i.p luna we love you.

Janet S

This is why #GizmosLaw must be made law. They saved our Teddy from being crushed in a bin wagon. He was Chipped and we are so grateful to all involved in bringing him home so the family could say goodbye. His brother's Max and Paddy with his ashes before he's put to rest with Harry and Ruby in a beautiful spot where the bluebells sing and the Daffodils will bring Spring. Sleep well our Teddy Bear XXX

Sophie G

I just want to say a massive thank you to Mel and her partner, Dale was involved in an RTA, and found in the road by mels partner. I didn't know what to do or who to call and she was able to help me through everything and allowed me to say goodbye . Without her help and the help of all the volunteers i wouldn't have known what happened. Thank you so much. (Pic of dale curled up next to my daughter both having a nap).


Thank you so much for today you found our baby Pus and brought her back to us. Really appreciate your charity and what you did for us. We will be forever thankful

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