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Gizmo's story.


Read a letter of Gizmo's story and how we got from her tragic death to changing the law, leaving behind an indelible legacy.



Dear Mummy,

I will never forget that boiling hot summers day of July 17th 2016, you were stood in the lane and I walked past you on my usual route up to the hospital restaurant. You as usual told me you would “See me later”, but those words never came into fruition because I met a horrific end filled with lies and dishonestly.

I was clearly “Just a cat” to the vile specimen that decided to destroy me that day.

All I wanted was to be with my mummy after the car hit me, causing only a leg injury, but that wasn’t to be.

I should have spent my last moments wrapped in your arms, looking into your loving eyes, instead, my last moments on earth were spent in the hands of someone who didn’t care one bit about my welfare or cats in general.

She couldn’t even be bothered to read my chip, never mind take me to the 24hour vets that was five minutes down the road.
Instead I was destroyed and then I was thrown into a boiler on a farm, a boiler that never even burned me properly, just a wood burner. That’s how little she thought of me.

I sat at Rainbow Bridge so confused watching you grieve, knowing how when you had suffered in the past I had only had to reach out with my paw and touch you and you had felt so much better. But this time I was the very reason for your grief and I couldn’t help you.

All the animals around me kept trying to tell me that Rainbow Bridge was a place where there was meant to only be happiness but I was feeling only sadness.

Then I watched as you turned a corner and started to fight for me and boy did you fight. You also set up DECEASED CATS UK AND IRL to make sure cats killed on the roads were reunited with their owners, so nobody else had to go through what you had gone through with me. It was through that group you learnt about councils throwing cats away like trash, which was on a par with my story. So you became active with your petition and Gizmos Legacy was born.

Thank you mummy, I’m so proud of what you and all your team have achieved in such a short space of time.

While all that was happening you also won your case against the evil specimen that killed me. Finally after that I started to relax at Rainbow Bridge and every time I watch you race out to collect another deceased cat, I am so proud to tell my friends at Rainbow Bridge “That’s my mummy”.

You are so close now to making Gizmos Law happen, so never stop fighting for the cats, remember, I am always by your side and so proud of you and your team.

I will see you again one day.

I love and miss you mummy.

Watch this video about Gizmo we've put together which you can find on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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